Collectible Trading Card Game on the Blockchain

Ethernomicon is a deck building collectable trading card game set in the Cthulhu Mythos. Players compete to solve the dark and hidden mysteries of the world before their brave investigators are devoured, or driven mad, by the horrors they discover...

Students of the arcane have long realised that the Blockchain must be a tool of the Great Old Ones - and now, for the first time, the horrors of the Cthulhu mythos are available as tradeable blockchain tokens. Players collect, trade and sell trading cards, and will be able to immortalise their games on the permanent record of the blockchain... where your games will stay etched into the fabric of time, for as long as the blockchain endures. (Wiser players who wish to avoid the notice of the Secret Masters of the Chain will also be able to play a normal web based game...)

There are 4 types of trading cards to collect ranging in rarity from common to ultra rare, and each trading card is 100% owned by you thanks to the Blockchain technology. That means you have the same control over your cards as you would have over a normal physical trading card game, but without the need for plastic covers... (and these cards will be eternal, and neither the grinding wheels of time nor furtune shall ever mar their beauty nor crease their face)

Ethernomicon is one of the world’s most advanced blockchain games. In a blockchain first, players will be able to build decks with their trading cards and battle other players on the blockchain to experience H. P. Lovecraft’s world like never before.

How to buy trading cards

The Ethernomicon website uses Metamask, an extension that lets your browser interact with the Ethereum blockchain. If you need to install Metamask, visit https://metamask.io/ and follow the instructions to install and start interacting with the blockchain.

Once setup, you should have the Metamask fox logo in the top right of your browser - click on it to login and setup your wallet if you haven’t already done so. You will also need to get some 'Ether', usually by visiting a crypto currency exchange (e.g. coinbase, coinjar etc.) - see how to buy Ether.

When you purchase a pack of Ethernomicon Trading Cards a Metamask pop up box should appear with default values of what you need to pay. You can tweak the gas price to make your transaction go faster if you're in a hurry. (For more information on the current gas price have a look at ether gas station).

Buying cards requires two steps; first you need to place an order, and then you will need to collect the cards once they're created. (Assuming you're buying cards from our website, the site takes care of this for you - it will show an 'order' button, which then changes to 'pending' and finally 'collect' about 30 seconds later when your cards are ready).

The Ethernomicon Pre-Sale will begin in late October, prior to the first release (planned for December, and which includes basic game play). The pre-sale will have 64 card types, which will be enough to play the basic game. Of these, 16 card types won’t ever be released again...

Cthulhu on the Blockchain

The first blockchain was created by the Great Old Ones using their avatar, Satoshi Nakamoto (an anagram of Nyarlathotep in the original Cthonian) in order to lead Mankind further into madness. It is, accordingly, a natural medium for a Call of Cthulhu based card game.

Ethernomicon is a traditional deck building, trading card game with a twist: the actual trading cards are registered on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing gamers a convenient way to buy, sell, and trade cards.

Because the cards are published on the blockchain, they can also be reused by third party game providers in their own online card games, allowing gamers to use their cards freely – unlike other online collectable card games (such as Blizzard’s Hearthstone) gamers can use their cards with any vendor, giving them the same freedom of use as physical cards, but with the convenience of online play.

A further advantage is the permanent nature of the blockchain; unlike physical cards that endure wear and tear, or an online game that may become unsupported, Ethernomicon cards will last as long as the Ethereum blockchain. They will not fade or diminish while their owners return to dust - and even as the planets spin towards their Doom in the great void, so long as the blockchain endures will their essence be etched into the fabric of time...

Ethernomicon Pty Ltd is a joint venture between Chaosium Games, the makers of the “Call of Cthulhu” roleplaying game and related card and board games, and a team of blockchain developers based in Melbourne, Australia. And our silent partner, Neil Arthur Tepp

Game Play

Ethernomicon is a deck based game, where players play increasingly powerful sets of cards that build on previously played cards.

The foundation card is a Location - an area of arcane power - which provides a number of "Mythos Points" used to play other cards (Monsters, Investigators and Items) in the same round. Locations also have "Mystery", representing how hard they are to investigate, and 'aspects' that buff monsters with matching aspects.

Game Play has four phases, each of which is simultaneous.

  1. Both players simultaneously reveal a location and up to one Monster, Investigator and Item with a combined cost up to the Mythos Points of the Location.
  2. Investigators examine enemy locations. They roll an eight sided die for every point of 'investigate' they have, with a success on a roll of 6-8. Every success decreases the "Mystery" of the target location by one - if it goes to zero the Location is removed.
  3. Monsters attack investigators. Any new monsters (only) do psychic damage, rolling their mental attack against ALL investigators' sanity. (effectively a burst attack for new monsters.) Any investigators who drop to zero sanity or below go mad, and become cultists working for the opposing player. Then Monsters physically attack any surviving investigators one on one, damaging the investigator's health.
  4. Finally, Investigators counter-attack, using their own 'attack' skill against a Monster's health.

The basic game lasts seven rounds, and each round allows a location of one greater cost (for instance San Francisco has a cost of one so it can be played in the first round, while R'lyeh has a cost of seven, and can only be played in the last round.

Strategy revolves around a broad choice as to whether to concentrate on attacking enemy locations, monsters or investigators, whether to focus on weak pyschic attacks with a chance of bringing the enemy over to your own side, or stronger physical attacks. Most important is building combination decks where the aspects of locations buff monsters, and the skills of investigators align with the item cards played.

Our Story

Two long time Melbourne gamers, Chris Betts and Scott Thomson, were interested in the possibilities of using blockchain ERC-721 cryptocollectable assets for complex, distributed gaming. With the help of fellow gamer Robyn Macnamara who teaches Software Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne, we started a final year student project to look at the possibility of a collectable card game with complex mechanics, and were fortunate to find five talented students who were able to see the potential of ethereum blockchain gaming.

The project got a further kick along when the opportunity arose to partner with established first rank gaming company Chaosium, creators of the genre defining role-playing games “Call of Cthulhu™" and “RuneQuest™". With Chaosium's experience in collectable card games and the Call of Cthulhu on-board Ethernomicon was born.

The development team has spent this year bringing the Ethernomicon project to readiness, while navigating the complexities of blockchain programming and pushing the technology in an entirely new direction..!

The Team

Alexandra Koller

Christian Tilley

Kevin Le

Patrick Guo


Anm Makhdum