Can you hold on to your sanity?

Collect Cards and Solve Mysteries

Experience the Cthulhu Mythos as never before with a trading game built using blockchain technology! Every Ethernomicon trading card is a blockchain token which guarantees uniqueness and rarity, giving you complete ownership of your cards as you navigate the dark mysteries of the hidden worlds of 'Call of Cthulhu'...

Each pack contains a mix of Monsters, Locations, Items and Investigators, ranging from common to very rare. While we are developing games for both the blockchain and normal web based play, you can start collecting the cards immediately as we are holding a limited pre-sale:

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Explore and Battle

Each pack of ten cards contains Locations, Monsters, Items and Investigators. A pack will have seven common cards, two uncommon cards and either a rare or an ultra rare card.

Using these cards you will create a Battle deck, and while there are a number of game types, the basic rules are always the same. You will play a location card to unlock a certain number of 'mythos points', that can then be spent to play an Investigator, an Item and a Monster. Investigators solve mysteries, removing enemy locations, while fighting with monsters and trying to stay sane in the face of cosmic horror... Strategy revolves around building a deck with cards that support each other, as all cards have different Mythos related aspects...

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Build Your Deck and Sell

Continue to collect cards and build up decks of different play styles to become a Master of Ethernomicon

Needs a particular card to complete your deck? Head to our marketplace to buy or trade with fellow players in the community. Or list your own cards on the market place for other players to buy or trade. In a blockchain first, you can sell or trade entire bundles of cards in a single transaction, allowing for players to purchase complete ready made battle decks from each other!

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While we prepare the full game for release, we are running a limited pre-sale of 10,000 packs of cards - including some which will never be issued again! Following the pre-sale will be the first full release, 'release 1', combined with online game play - aiming to be available in December 2018. Other releases should follow, however the total number of cards is strictly limited by the blockchain contract - so even we, the writers, can't issue more cards once they're all created!


This is a limited pre-sale of 10,000 packs of cards of the first 64 card types. 16 of these cards types will only be available in the pre-sale, and will not be issued again!

Release 1 – “Cthulhu on the Blockchain”

This will release a further 90,000 packs with another 192 cards, giving us 64 of each type of card, and a fully playable game.

Release 2 - "Dream Lands "

This will issue a further 256 card types and a further 100,000 packs, and will concentrate on the creatures and locations of the Dream Lands; Uther, Kadath, Leng...

Release 3 - "The Deep "

Along with a revised game, we would issue a further 256 card types and another 100,000 packs, while exploring the reefs of Innsmouth, the court of Dagon, and of course the secrets of R’lyeh...