Can you hold on to your sanity?

The Stars Are Right!

The Ethernomicon Kickstarter is now live; for a brief period during the conjunction the Great Old Ones are abroad. Check out our kickstarter here for a once in a lifetime opportunity to invite the forces of chaos into your living room, with a fast paced card game that combines a deck building mechanic with a dice pool combat system to help you navigate the dark mysteries of the hidden worlds of 'Call of Cthulhu'...

Each pack contains a mix of Monsters, Locations, Items and Investigators, ranging from common to very rare, and while the rarer cards have slight advantages, this is not a game where you can buy your way to victory. Rather correct combinations of cards and strategy... and a bit of luck... are required to win!


Explore and Battle

Each pack of ten cards contains Locations, Monsters, Items and Investigators. A pack will have seven common cards, two uncommon cards and either a rare (90%) or an ultra rare (10%) card.

Using these cards you will create a Battle deck, and while there are a number of game types, the basic rules are always the same. You will play a location card to unlock a certain number of 'mythos points', that can then be 'spent' to play an Investigator, an Item and/or a Monster card. Investigators solve mysteries, removing enemy locations, while fighting with monsters and trying to stay sane in the face of cosmic horror... Strategy revolves around building a deck with cards that support each other, as all cards have different Mythos related aspects...

Our Kickstarter is now live!


Build Your Deck

Continue to collect cards and build up decks of different play styles to become a Master of Ethernomicon!

As part of the kickstarter you'll be able to buy packs of cards, but we want to make it easy to build up a base of common cards to keep the game fresh and allow for different strategies - so we're making the common cards available at cost through the duration of the kickstarter - so a 'starter deck' with 36 common and uncommon cards (including some dupes) will only cost ~ $US 3.50 (+ postage).

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While we're focussed on the physical card game, we've also been developing an online version to work alongside the physical version, and if the kickstarter is successful we'll work on finishing that off as well...

Phase 1: Game Design

We've worked on the design and gameplay of the game, focussing on 64 cards representing locations, monsters, investigators and items - complete!


Running the kickstarter will allows us to finalise the graphics and get feedback on game play from the collectable card game community.

Continued Development

After the kickstarter, we plan to continue developing the physical card game, and start work on the online game, using blockchain to give users full ownership of their cards.

The Future

Once both the physical and online game are working, we can focus on further improvements, new cards and battle mats, and other game enhancements.